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Turou kia orana Aere mai ki Punarei


Punarei Culture day Tour the opportunity for visitors interact and discover the hidden culture of Aitutaki which never been told and expose for 200 years due to the influence of adopting new culture 1821, we are in the cook islands, Aitutaki is one of the island in the cook islands in south pacific . Our objective to reintroduce Aitutaki culture back in the community, and we have done Archeological research on our Sacred site, we also had the opportunity invited by  three countries in Europe for cultural materials research. We are so honored to share with you all the experience on our cultural tour the interesting and also the disbelieved the impact on our culture to be discarded from our peoples.  Our Journey of research for aitutaki culture identity begins 2004. Punarei Culture Village build as a replica to the original design of a traditional village through our research of restoration of our culture identity. We have to empower the practical arts of Aitutaki and method so we and the next generation have the foundation of our culture identity.

Exposing the Culture materials and language so Visitors can define the differences between Aitutaki and the rest of the Cook Islands.

Visit the sacred site Marae Arangi-rea that we excavated- for research about the essence of the ritual practice on the site, find out why the  Marae is a forbidden site to the Local  for 200 year.

translation of Punarei, Puna is a tribe rei is a trap, meaning we are trap in the tribe to restore the culture identity of Aitutaki on the Land Call Punarei, Punarei is not a like any other Tour  a project to ensure Aitutaki culture will known for many years, We welcome you, we have traditional umu lunch together but, we cannot promise to hold back our feeling.

This is an hands on experience not to be missed.


Monday, wednsday and Friday.  (9am -1pm) group or private tour available.

Bookings are essential.